Teradici Product Support & Maintenance

Time is money - making downtime very costly to your organization.

You've spent the time and money to build a cloud computing environment, optimized and integrated with other critical systems to support business processes. By protecting your data assets through a virtual desktop strategy, your business will realize increased IT efficiency and improved privacy and intrusion protection. However, any downtime—whether in the data center or at an end-point—can negatively affect customers, users, and your brand promise.

We invented PCoIP. So, we know how to make it work in even the most demanding situations.

With a Teradici Support & Maintenance package, your business will be protected from disruption and downtime while maximizing IT productivity with access to the latest software upgrades and updates.

Teradici Product Support & Maintenance is available now, from Teradici Resellers.


Defined Service Levels

Protect your business against disruption by gaining priority access to our PCoIP experts. We offer defined service levels so that you can be confident that your issue will be addressed within a defined response time. Our dedicated support team members will help you address issues quickly.

24x7 Support

Maximize IT productivity. Get 24x7 product support for severity 1 issues and access to the PCoIP community forumon-line portal, knowledge base, training videos, product documentation, and downloads.

Product Updates and Upgrades

Teradici's Product Support & Maintenance offering provides you access to software upgrades, updates and the latest product fixes to help you protect against business disruption and downtime.


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