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Teradici Enables Solution Providers to Deliver GPU Computing in the Cloud

Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform Graphics Edition Features GPU Support to Deliver Graphics-Intensive Applications from the Cloud with Full Fidelity and Security

BURNABY, British Columbia – November 10, 2015Teradici®, developer of industry-leading PCoIP® technology for secure virtual workspaces, today announced the release of the Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform Graphics Edition to enable solution providers to build high-performance, secure services and solutions in the cloud. The latest edition of the Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform features GPU support for graphics-intensive computing environments to ensure a high-fidelity user experience.

Announced in July, the Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform makes Teradici’s innovative PCoIP technology accessible to application software developers, systems integrators, and managed service providers allowing them to develop customized cloud-based services and vertical solutions. The platform overcomes traditional barriers to cloud adoption, notably security and performance concerns – PCoIP delivers content via pixels (not data) for comprehensive security with lossless delivery across all types of network conditions ensuring the best possible end-user experience.

By extending the platform to include GPU support, solution and applications developers can now deliver a high-quality user experience for graphics-intensive applications in the cloud for industries such as Media & Entertainment, Engineering & Design, Gaming, Medical Imaging, Oil & Gas and more.

“The latest release of our platform demonstrates our commitment to helping developers and solution providers democratize access to computing in the cloud – even for organizations with the most demanding, graphics-intensive environments,” said Dan Cordingley, CEO of Teradici. “We are excited about the innovative cloud solutions that our platform enables and helping organizations prioritize the move to the cloud as part of their business strategy.”

The Graphics Edition offers an opportunity to create new solutions for organizations looking to make the transition to the cloud in graphics-intensive environments by providing:

  • High Security and Performance: The technology of choice for industry leading companies and products including Amazon WorkSpaces and VMware Horizon, any solution provider can now benefit from Teradici PCoIP technology to deliver graphics-intensive content in encrypted pixels-only format. The PCoIP technology ensures a rich user experience, even for the most demanding computing environments.
  • End-Point Diversity: The platform supports a broad range of end-point devices to meet a wide variety of use cases across industries, from high performance, ultra-secure, easy-to-manage PCoIP Zero Clients to flexible PCoIP software clients and mobile clients for laptops and tablets that support BYOD strategies.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Developers can leverage the platform’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs) to build uniquely customized vertical solutions. The open and extensible platform provides maximum flexibility by integrating with best-of-breed elements including operating systems, cloud platforms, brokers, hypervisors and management tools.

Teradici will be showcasing live demonstrations of the platform this week at Cloud Expo Europe in Frankfurt, Germany from November 10-11 at Booth #709 and at ConnectWise IT Nation in Florida, United States from November 11-13 at Booth #1112.

The Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform Graphics Edition will be generally available by the end of November 2015 and comprises a suite of components that integrate with a solution provider’s choice of private or public cloud platform.

Visit for more information or to sign up for a free evaluation and development kit.

Supporting Quotes

  • “A challenge for the entertainment industry has been balancing the need to tap talent across diverse locations while reducing piracy risk as content moves through editorial workflows,” said David Benson, co-founder of BeBop Technology. “By leveraging the Graphics Edition of the Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform on IBM SoftLayer, we’ve been able to solve this problem. Instead of using the cloud to move content to the editing tools, BeBop moves the tools to the content. Our innovative solution creates new production efficiencies that are considerably more secure and save money.”
  • “Industries such as media and entertainment, design, and engineering rely on data-intensive applications that require high-end graphics processing capabilities,” said Andrew Cresci, general manager of the NVIDIA GRID business at NVIDIA. “The Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform Graphics Edition has been optimized for NVIDIA GRID GPU technology to provide the highest quality user experience, including full screen applications and multi-monitor support, whether on-premises or in the cloud.”


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Teradici is the technology leader for creating secure virtual workspaces. The company’s PCoIP technology powers the spectrum of local, remote, mobile and collaborative work styles, fundamentally simplifying how computing is provisioned, managed, and used throughout virtual and cloud environments. The world’s largest cloud computing companies rely on PCoIP technology to fulfill the promise of the cloud – an outstanding user experience, securely delivered to any device, anywhere. Teradici customers include Fortune 500 enterprises and institutions around the world, local and federal government agencies, and cloud and service providers.  Teradici was founded in 2004, and is headquartered in British Columbia.  For more information, visit


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