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Teradici Announces PCoIP Management Console Enterprise Edition to Boost Enterprise IT Productivity

Teradici Announces PCoIP Management Console Enterprise Edition to Boost Enterprise IT Productivity

BURNABY, British Columbia – August 27, 2015Teradici®, developer of industry-leading PCoIP® technology for secure virtual workspaces, today announced the release of the Teradici PCoIP Management Console Enterprise Edition, a web-based tool designed to help IT simplify the management and configuration of Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client deployments.

The new edition of PCoIP Management Console is ideally suited for medium and large businesses and allows administrators to scale, manage and monitor up to 20,000 PCoIP Zero Clients under a single console. For large deployments, IT architects and administrators can now use a single console to configure hundreds to thousands of zero clients varying across device type and manufacturer, saving valuable resources.

“For any other type of client device, we usually have to send an engineer,” said James Goldings, senior systems engineer at Computer Concepts Limited. “Not with Teradici. With the PCoIP Management Console, it’s simple to put the device on the desk, plug it in, configure remotely and be done. It’s a true zero-touch deployment.”

Ideal for industries with the greatest number of PCoIP Zero Clients, such as banking, education, telecommunications, healthcare and government, the PCoIP Management Console Enterprise Edition removes deployment pain points and enables greater efficiency.

“We’ve seen broad adoption of PCoIP Zero Clients in organizations looking to simplify endpoint management, improve security and maintain high performance,” said Jayesh Shah, vice president, product management, Teradici. “The new release of PCoIP Management Console dramatically frees up IT resources in organizations with large deployments of zero clients by equipping IT managers with enterprise-grade management and configuration tools in a single console.”

Up and running within minutes, the PCoIP Management Console Enterprise Edition enables users to remotely provision new devices, review operational metrics, configure settings, update firmware, view event logs and more by delivering:

  • Greater Scalability – With the Enterprise Edition, IT administrators can manage up to 20,000 Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients from a single console to ensure full visibility of their deployment. Administrators can also rapidly expand their infrastructure by provisioning new sites with ease and minimal user impact.

  • Multi-administrator Access – Allows multiple IT administrators to access the software simultaneously and provides an unlimited number of designated and secure user accounts enabling more flexibility and distributed deployments.
  • Simplified Device Management – An intuitive dashboard and redesigned user interface displays the operational status of all devices while auto discovery and configuration features facilitate policy and firmware updates remotely. The console supports zero client management individually or in groups of common devices to maintain consistency across all form factors.
  • Comprehensive Support – Teradici Product Support and Maintenance for Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client firmware and Teradici PCoIP Management Console is included with Management Console Enterprise Edition for access to PCoIP experts and 24x7 product support.

PCoIP Zero Clients provide organizations with high-performance and ultra-secure endpoints at lower cost and with minimal footprint compared to traditional OS-driven devices. Available in a variety of form factors, including standalone, integrated monitor and laptops, the zero client strictly decompresses and decodes pixels, without the need for a hard drive, operating system, graphics processor or security software. Since images are transmitted to the endpoint device in pixel-only format over PCoIP, no data lives on the zero client, ensuring maximum security.

PCoIP Management Console Enterprise Edition ships with release 2.0 and will be available in late September as a one-year or three-year subscription for $20 USD per device per year, and includes Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client firmware support and maintenance with a valid PCoIP Management Console subscription license.

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