Customer Story

Vancouver Film School Shifts to Online Instruction in 11 Days


Vancouver Film School (VFS) is Canada’s premier post-secondary entertainment arts institution, offering 15 production-oriented programs in film, animation, video game production, VR/AR development, motion and interactive design, and others. More than 25,000 alumni work for some of the world’s top studios and most recognizable brands. VFS has sister campuses in Mumbai (DICE VFS) and Shanghai.


  • Continue offering instruction and hands-on experiences when the campus closed for the pandemic
  • Enable students to access the school’s graphics-intensive applications and server farms from home internet connections, on any device
  • Deploy the solution quickly so students could graduate on time


  • Installed Teradici Cloud Access Software on all 365 campus workstations
  • Sent students a link to install Teradici Cloud Access Software on their personal Windows, Mac, and Linux devices, providing laptops to students who didn’t have them
  • Used Teradici Cloud Access Manager to broker connections to workstations and determine how many students used each application, for accurate licensing


  • Resumed hands-on projects on school workstations just one week after the pandemic lockdown
  • Maintained quality of student work
  • Delivered a good application experience even for students with slower internet speeds
  • Laid technology foundation to offer new online classes and programs to students anywhere in the world, expanding potential enrollment
  • Gave students experience using the same remote access technology used by many leading studios

Cloud Access Software is available for
Windows and Linux environments