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PCoIP Clients

Universal Connectivity

Teradici offers a broad set of endpoint options to support the needs of our customers deploying virtual desktop, virtual workstation and DaaS solutions that leverage PCoIP technology, including Teradici Cloud Access Software. Our PCoIP Client Software enables laptops, PCs, Chromebooks, tablets, thin clients, and zero clients to connect to Teradici Cloud Access Software, including partner solutions such as VMware Horizon and Amazon WorkSpaces.

What our customers are saying

IT managers can enable employees to connect with the security and performance of PCoIP from wherever they are working. Easily install PCoIP Software and Mobile Clients for portable, offsite and at home work. For easy to manage, highly secure endpoints, deploy PCoIP Zero Clients or thin clients with integrated PCoIP Client Software, available from the ecosystem of Teradici OEM partners.

PCoIP Software and Mobile Clients are applications that establish secure PCoIP sessions with remote Windows or Linux desktops. Software Clients are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Mobile Clients are available for iOS tablets and Android tablets and laptops.

PCoIP Zero Clients are ultra-secure endpoints that use a highly integrated, purpose-built processor, minimal hardware components, and no operating system to minimize attack risk. With a Teradici Desktop Access subscription that includes Management Console Enterprise, IT can provision new zero clients in five minutes or less. Teradici’s ecosystem of partners offer PCoIP Zero Client desktop devices, laptops, and all-in-one monitors.

Thin clients with integrated PCoIP Client Software offer features such as broad peripheral support, WiFi, and multi-protocol support, allowing IT managers to meet a wide set of use cases. As with PCoIP Zero Clients, thin clients are available in a variety of form factors including desktop devices and monitors.

Teradici PCoIP Client Software connects end user devices to remotely hosted desktops and applications that leverage PCoIP technology.  It’s available as a stand-alone application that can be installed on a variety of devices, and it’s software that has been integrated into thin clients developed and offered by Teradici OEM partners.

Teradici has worked with leading equipment manufacturers to optimize PCoIP software for third-party processors and operating system platforms. Thin clients with PCoIP Client Software offer solid performance and additional flexibility with features such as Cloud Access Software support.

Zero clients are hardware based clients that use a purposed built silicon processor from Teradici. They have no operating system or local storage and are highly secure. Thin Clients with integrated PCoIP Client Software are devices with Teradici software clients built in to run on a partner’s hardware and operating system. PCoIP-Enabled Thin Clients offer features such as broad peripheral support, WiFi, and multi-protocol support, allowing IT managers to meet a wide set of use cases.

Please refer to this Product Finder guide.

Please refer to the manufacturer’s website for specifications. Many thin clients can support multi-protocol environments.

thin clients

Thin Clients with Integrated PCoIP Client Software

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Software Clients and Mobile Clients

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PCoIP Zero Clients