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Teradici Cloud Access Platform works with Cloud Access Software, giving you the power to build custom cloud experiences. It features APIs and SDKs for creating custom workflows, endpoint UIs, and client-host interactions. It's everything you need to develop, deploy, and deliver highly secure, high-performance cloud solutions.

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Transform Your Cloud Experience

The Teradici Cloud Access Platform provides you with limitless potential. Need to create a scalable cloud solution that delivers a secure interface for mobile devices? You can do that. Want to migrate existing business critical applications to the cloud and integrate existing management infrastructure? You can do that too. Whatever you can imagine, the Cloud Access Platform will help you get there.

Build it Your Way

You control all the variables. The Client SDK enables you to create software clients that blend seamlessly into your business application or workflow. Work with any public or private cloud provider, connection broker, or management application. Open APIs allow access to other application functions, and the virtual channel API enables custom client-host interactions and support for specialized peripherals.

Supported operating systems Windows
Windows 10 64-bit
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows Server 2008 R2
(Single User Session)
RHEL 7.2
CentOS 7.2
Ubuntu LTS 16.04
Compatibility with Hypervisors & Cloud VMware vSphere on 6.x (requires GPU for Graphics Edition)
KVM with RHEL as guest OS (Standard Edition)
AWS EC2 (Standard Edition), AWS EC2/G2 (Graphics Edition)
Microsoft Azure
Broker support
APIs and SDKs
Leostream Connection Broker
Client SDK
vChan SDK
Broker Integration APIs
Compatible clients PCoIP Zero Clients running FW 5.1 or later
Teradici PCoIP Software Clients for Mac, Windows or Chrome OS
PCoIP Mobile Clients for iOS and Android tablets
Max display resolution Up to 4 monitors at up to 4K UHD resolution
GPU compatibility for Graphics Edition Supports all brands of graphic cards
Optimized on NVIDIA GRID compatible GPUs
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Cloud Access Platform is an extension of Cloud Access Software (with additional components). It’s for customers who would like to use Cloud Access Software to migrate to the cloud but requires varying levels of customization and integration into their offerings and management infrastructure. All existing Cloud Access Software functionality and features can be further extended with additional customizations through Cloud Access Platform.

Cloud Access Platform provides the flexibility to build unique differentiated and customized cloud solutions. Enterprises and Solutions Providers can leverage the Platform’s (additional components) building blocks and standard APIs & SDKs for creating/building customized and branded client workflows, endpoint interfaces and client-host interactions, specialized peripherals and device support, and integrations with their brokering and management infrastructure.

For Example: One of our Solution Provider partner (BeBop Technology) used our Cloud Access Platform to create a differentiated cloud-based solution for the M&E industry – A fully virtualized video editing service that reduces video production costs, enhances security and collaboration and provides a high-quality “local workstation-like” user experience.

Customers can also migrate (“lift & shift”) non-graphics mainstream applications and workspaces to the cloud and customize client endpoints to their specific with the client SDKs and access those applications from a wide spectrum of endpoints through software clients, mobile clients as well as PCoIP Zero Clients.

Cloud Access Software is an OUT OF BOX product which you can buy directly from our eStore (or also start off with a 60-day trial).

Cloud Access Platform is an EXTENSION to Cloud Access Software which includes development toolkit (Broker APIs, Client SDKs, etc) for customers who want to create customized cloud solutions and services. Cloud Access Platform is NOT available as a direct “Buy Now” from our eStore. Enterprises and Solution Providers needing Cloud Access Platform can ask for a 1:1 consultation with our PCoIP and Cloud Access Solutions experts online on our website or through our sales team to examine if it is a fit for your requrements.

Supported on both Windows and Linux platforms:

  • Compatible with Windows Desktop OS (Windows 7, 10) and Windows Server OS (2008R2, 2016)
  • Linux RHEL7.2 and CentOS 7.2 and Ubuntu LTS 16.04
The software comes in two editions – Graphics Edition and Standard Edition.

Graphics Edition supports GPU-accelerated cloud workloads for interactive graphics-intensive applications for industries like: Media & Entertainment, Aerospace, Automobile, and Architecture, Engineering, Construction, etc.

Standard Edition is for migrating non-graphics workspaces, workloads and applications (mainstream and core business apps and solutions), Linux workspaces and Linux development to the cloud.

Cloud Access Platform is cloud agnostic and is supported on all leading public cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google etc.

Teradici Cloud Access Solutions are hypervisor agnostic as they exist over the host Operation Systems. However, there is a list of officially validated and supported hypervisors that can be obtained from our datasheets.

PCoIP Zero Clients, Teradici Software Clients for Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, PCoIP Mobile Clients for iOS and Android tablets.

Yes. Both solutions are based off a common set of core components and Cloud Access Platform further extends Cloud Access Software.

Customers can use third-party Teradici certified connection broker such as Leostream to integrate with your solution.  Alternatively, customers can use their own connection brokers or build their own one from the ground up and integrate  with Teradici’s PCoIP broker API for even greater customization with Cloud Access Platform.

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