Deliver Superior Educational Computing Environments

Schools, colleges and universities across North America implement remote desktop technology to ensure students enjoy consistently high-quality performance while reducing security threats and IT costs.


Simplify Administration

Centralized computing makes the routine management of student labs and courseware significantly easier and allows you to scale up or down easily.

Manage client devices from the datacenter through a single management interface, eliminating the time and resources spent on OS, software updates and patches.

Secure Every Device

Central computing means that no information leaves the data center – adding a significant layer of protection against malfeasance.

PCoIP technology encrypts and transmits “pixels only” across a standard IP network to PCoIP-enabled clients that decode and display those pixels. No data is stored locally – so no one can lose their information, and no one can take it

Save on Space and Power

PCoIP Zero Clients have a small footprint -- around the size of a pocket book – which means workspaces can be more compact.

Not only do they save on floor space costs but they also produce almost no heat or noise compared to traditional towers or laptops. Typical deployments reduce energy costs by between 40% - 80%. And, you can easily manage all your Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients with PCoIP Management Console, which provides IT administrators with a single web-based console for simplified management and configuration of their deployment.

Extend the Learning Experience

Learning does not stop outside the classroom. Provide students with the freedom to access a desktop and courseware in the lab at school, or through their own soft client installed on a personal laptop, PC or tablet.


Teradici’s PCoIP technology and products are available to Education through a wide range of solutions, many of which can be purchased through our OEM partners. For a full list of OEM partner products visit the PCoIP products directory.

PCoIP Zero Clients

High performance, zero-management affordable solutions for Education

PCoIP zero clients are streamlined desktop portals or integrated monitors with built-in PCoIP processors to support a rich multimedia experience and offer significant advantages over desktop PCs and traditional client solutions. PCoIP zero clients do not have a general purpose CPU, local data storage or application operating systems, resulting in ultra-secure and easy to manage clients that do not require regular updates or patches. PCoIP zero clients are the only solution that includes a specific processor for hardware-level decoding of PCoIP data. Because of this, the user experience offered by PCoIP zero clients is unmatched by any other type of client.

Low maintenance & cost savings

  • Operational costs (power/cooling/space consumption) significantly less compared to the traditional desktop PCs and thin clients
  • With no need to constantly upgrade, extended hardware life span assured
  • No operating system, application, driver, anti-virus or codec updates required
  • Minimal hardware component reduces recycling costs

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PCoIP Management Console

Manage your entire PCoIP environment from one screen

The PCoIP Management Console is a web-based management tool that allows IT to manage an entire deployment of PCoIP devices from a central console, further streamlining the already minimal management of PCoIP infrastructure.

  • Monitor, configure and update all PCoIP devices from anywhere
  • Auto configure devices when discovered on the network
  • Graphically view device status
  • Deployment of bulk firmware updates
  • Apply configuration data to individual devices or groups of devices
  • Schedule firmware updates, profile application and device reset
  • Support for multiple device discovery mechanisms
  • View and manage device logs

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High-performance remote workstations

Quieter, more efficient student lab spaces

Teradici's powerful host processors enable Education IT to move Windows or Linux workstations into the datacenter and connect with a PCoIP zero client remotely without impacting application performance. Created for managing graphically demanding applications, Teradici Tera2 host processors are capable of driving full screens of changing pixels with application refresh rates up to 60 frames per second (fps) – ideal for designers in CAD. Plus with PCoIP zero clients at the desktop, student labs can run significantly cooler and quieter, offering students and faculty a more comfortable learning experience. Teradici host processors offer:

  • Reduced IT overhead
  • Ability to easily share workstations
  • Faster application and/or data access – sending pixels is faster than moving large data files or models
  • Full backup power in the server room – no more lost work due to power outages
  • Less noise and clutter on the desktop

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PCoIP Hardware Accelerator

Ideal for graphics-intense Education courseware

Today’s education courseware can often be heavy in multi-media, straining performance and the quality of the user experience in conventional desktop virtualization implementations. Providing students with a smooth video and animation experience can be insured with the addition of the PCoIP Hardware Accelerator. The PCoIP Hardware Accelerator ensures the success of VMware View deployments by offloading PCoIP image encoding tasks and reducing server CPU utilization. This empowers IT managers to protect and ensure a consistent user experience while enabling increased VDI consolidation ratios.

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How to Manage Zero Clients - PCoIP Management Console

Teradici PCoIP​ Zero Clients

Case Studies


    Binghamton University

    students get anytime-anywhere access to high-end apps with PCoIP Remote Workstations. read more


    University Duisburg-Essen

    successfully blends high-performance 3D graphics with virtual desktops. read more

    Village Green Virtual Charter School

    Zero Clients & PCoIP Hardware Accelerator scale audio-video learning for school-wide delivery. read more

    University of Massachusetts Lowell

    transforms labs & learning with virtual infrastructure and zero clients. read more

    University of South Carolina Upstate

    embraces zero clients for innovative, flexible learning model. read more

    Thomas Jefferson School of Law

    personalized education taken to a new level with PCoIP. read more

    Florida Atlantic University

    enabling the highest quality virtual workspace experience with the lowest IT maintenance costs. read more

    Lambton College

    deploying the PCoIP Hardware Accelerator in a Horizon View environment. read more


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  • More questions? Teradici is here to help.

  • binghamton-160x90

    “PCoIP technology lets them [students] have access to high-performance workstations anywhere, anytime.”

    Philip Valenta
    System Administrator
    Binghamton University

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  • “The Teradici PCoIP Zero Clients eliminate a lot of wires in the student labs, and also simplify management.”

    Luke VanWingerden,
    Director, ITS Client Services,
    University of South Carolina Upstate

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  • “Today we have a much more flexible model in our student labs, and a solid foundation for BYOD. The Teradici PCoIP Zero Clients are absolutely amazing.”

    William Allred, Ph.D.,
    Associate Director, Technology Center,
    Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas

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  • “Zero clients are a really positive change for all of us…we can remotely manage their [faculty members] clients and let them focus on their core competencies…”

    Steve Athanas,
    Director of Platforms & Systems Engineering,
    University of Massachusetts Lowell

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