Uncompromised Remote Access for Architects,
Engineers & Construction Managers

Specialized software tools – for computer-aided design (CAD), building information modeling (BIM) and 3D visualization are essential for architects, engineers and construction managers. These tools and their data must be accessible anywhere: at a client’s site, on the job site, or on the road.

Give your team of professionals remote access to their high performance workstations and applications with PCoIP Workstation Access Software. The software can be deployed on any physical or virtualized workstation, whether under the desk, in the data center or by leveraging the power of the cloud.


Share Designs with Ease

Make it easy for engineers and construction foremen to access their data on their workstations from anywhere and update architectural diagrams live to help make immediate decisions, whether at a customer’s site or at the office. PCoIP Workstation Access Software provides real-time access to any workstation from a broad range of PCoIP Clients.

Plug and Play Scalability

Easy to install and manage, our PCoIP Workstation Access Software can be installed on-premise or deployed in the cloud, and requires minimal IT support. Gain the agility to expand or contract and scale your project teams up and down with ease – providing remote access to users and contractors as needed.

Enhanced Security with Minimal IT Support

PCoIP Access Software is built upon the leading PCoIP technology that compresses, authenticates, and sends encoded pixels only, not data.



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Case Studies


Use Case Supported

Cloud or Data Center deployment offers an efficient and scalable solution

  • Compatible with Amazon Web Services EC2 G2 to benefit from infrastructure-as-a-service (easily scale in and out), as well as data center deployed on VMware® vSphere®.
  • PCoIP Workstation Access Software can be accessed with direct connect or brokered through LeostreamTM Connection Broker 8.1 or later.

Deskside* deployment is easy to install, configure and manage

  • Within minutes, install the software on the workstation under the desk without any IT training required, network architecture changes, or setup of a third party broker.

* Deskside refers to a workstation situated under the user’s desk with local monitor(s) directly attached to it

Solution Briefs

Amulet Hotkey Zero Clients using Cloud Access Software on Dell’s PowerEdge XC Hardware Servers

Sep 17, 2020, 11:59 AM
Document url:
  • PCoIP Zero Clients
  • PCoIP Remote Workstations



  • "The all-software solution …will give an immediate productivity boost to our remote engineers. PCoIP Workstation Access Software … will make them more efficient."

    Jacqui Michael, IT Manager
    Cator, Ruma & Associates