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Avatara CompleteCloud Platform

CompleteCloud is a highly available, nonvirtualized, data center-based computer with a CAD certified graphics card. CAD applications operate with low latency and can be accessed remotely with any device utilizing Teradici PCoIP technology.

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BeBop Cloud Platform

Create and collaborate on virtualized desktops for post-production from a leader in cloud-based media and entertainment solutions.

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Boxx Cloud Services

Boxx Cloud Services cloud-hosted workstations with integrated PCoIP technology enable CAD workflows with unparalleled performance.

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Eclipse Tech

Eclipse Tech offers Educational institutions a cloud-based content creation platform and enables remote learning for students with integrated PCoIP technology.

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PCoIP Software Client for Linux for IGEL Thin Clients

Connect an IGEL Thin Client to Amazon WorkSpaces or Teradici Cloud Access Software.

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Six Nines Cloud Studio Platform

The Six Nines Cloud Studio solution helps M&E studios access Amazon Web Services with the security and performance of Teradici Cloud Access Software.

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Stratodesk NoTouch Software

Thin clients with NoTouch Software are compatible with Teradici Cloud Access Software deployed in on-premises data centers or public clouds and with Amazon WorkSpaces.

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StratusCore Virtual Workstations

Connect to StratusCore Virtual Workstations from anywhere with the security and performance of Cloud Access Software.

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Tehama Platform

Connect to Tehama secured virtual offices and desktops on the cloud with Teradici Cloud Access Software.

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